Nature and Healing in an Interconnected World

Path at Tabletop Mtn, CA USA

Walking a Reverent Path

I suspect that my family is quite confused by the direction of my path in life lately. They were supportive of my decision to work on my masters in transpersonal psychology (although they had no idea what the word “transpersonal” meant), but now that I’ve cultivated a passion for something that was NEVER discussed (shhh. . . the word is “healing”) they aren’t sure what to think. And now that I’ve been hanging out in nature a lot, talking with the birds and meditating with the trees, they are completely stumped. What does all this nature stuff have to do with healing? Everything. Having just completed a powerful Ecospirituality course, I have some definite views about the interconnectedness of all beings and the sacred role nature plays in healing.

I believe that our industrialized society with its historical emphasis on Newtonian physics is one reason humans so easily convinced themselves that they are the superior species, and therefore, should dominate over all other nonhuman beings (the rise of monotheism and subsequent decline of earth-based spirituality is another reason). Continue reading

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