The Healer’s Apprentice

The healer’s apprentice tiptoed down the darkened hallway and stopped in front of the massive wooden door. She took a deep breath, turned the ancient brass knob gently, and was delighted to find that it was not locked. She shoved open the heavy door, and it creaked in announcement. She froze for a few seconds, holding her breath. No sound replied but that of her own pulse beating in her ears. The healing master was deep in meditation in another room and had not exactly invited her into this private laboratory. She heard the master mention that this room contained the all the mysteries of healing that she would be bringing with her into the world. She couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of these long sought after secrets.

Along the walls were shelves and shelves of books. Strange. This didn’t look like any laboratory she had ever seen. The apprentice spotted an altar in the far corner that held numerous empty vial-like bottles, and she made her way to this holy space. She was hesitant to touch anything on this sacred altar, but each vial beckoned to her, so she cautiously picked up one and read the label. As she did, the knowledge of the ages flooded her mind, and the energy of the vial pulsed through her fingertips into every cell of her body. The words were as audible to her mind as if she had uttered them with her own voice.

The first vial was marked Love/Compassion. “Love, empathy, and compassion can literally change the state of the physical world in positive ways,” she heard the Dossey book whisper from somewhere across the room. “The common denominator of all healing methods is unconditional love,” added a book from Schwarz. The sensation of the English healer Harry Edwards filled her. She knew that as a spiritual healer, she must have an innate desire for the sick to be made well and that her love and compassion would create the right sacred environment for this to happen. The books across the room began to vibrate, sending her more messages. “Love is the energy of the healing force. Living this law involves living with the highest form of energy that can help humans and all life balance existence on any plane of consciousness. It is the opposite of fear and is the basis of spiritual healing.”

The second vial she chose was labeled Unity. The books along the far walls literally hummed with a multitude of ageless information for her. It was such a powerful download of thought, feeling, and revelation that her legs buckled and she collapsed to the floor, clinging tightly to the vial. “We are made in the image of the universe.” She heard Lipton’s discussion of the unique pattern of functional proteins which are made as a complementary image of an environmental signal. Lipton’s ideas reminded her that each one of us, though unique in identity, is made of the same essence of everything around us. She was instantly aware that all atoms in the universe were created in the Big Bang, and every atom in our body can trace its origin back to this beginning. We are of the stars, she whispered. How remarkable, she mused, that we each represent the whole. We are holograms. Because we are all interconnected and rely upon environmental signals to broadcast our essence, as the Lipton books suggested, it is imperative that we care not only for the health of our bodies, but also for the health of our environment. She was destined to be a holistic healthcare practitioner, so the word “holistic” itself would carry this message with her everywhere, never to be forgotten.

The moment she touched the third vial marked Nonlocal Mind, her mind was hurled through space and across time, outside her body, traveling with no physical boundaries. She instantly understood that spiritual healing thrives in nonlocal space, and that she could not maintain the sole paradigm of empiricism if she wished to access the power of faith, belief, and spirit. Dozens of books on the shelves whispered “These essence of consciousness cannot be measured in the same way that we measure other physical forms of healing.” Another book reminded her, “Wellness spans many dimensions or modalities: intellectual, physical, energetic, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, environmental, creative, community, global, and cultural. Because of our interconnectedness within the theory of the nonlocal universe, we affect the reality of each other.” All is embedded within the unity, she thought. She embraced the beauty of the words that made so much sense. Not only could she could assist others in their healing from anywhere, but using her conscious intention, she could play an important part in healing the world around her. The Earth cried out in its suffering, insisting that now was an especially important time for humanity to understand the scope of its power to heal the planet.

Before she could reach for another vial, the words of physicist William Tiller resonated through every cell of her body, and she knew them to be of the truth. “As information in a space increases, entropy (disorder) decreases. As you make yourself present for the healing of yourself and others, your consciousness increases the thermodynamic free energy in the environment. People are building infrastructure into themselves; therefore, information is growing in the universe and entropy is decreasing. Nature is restoring itself.” We can heal our world. . . she heard her voice say somewhere in the distance.

The tears of the suffering planet brought her back to where she sat on the floor of the laboratory. She lovingly replaced the vial of Nonlocal Mind and with curiosity, she reached for the fourth vial marked Harmony. This vial vibrated joyously in the test tube rack, and as her fingers grasped the humming vial, the apprentice was swept away by the golden energy that washed over her. “Health is a natural state of harmony with ourselves and our world.” The apprentice, who had studied the Tao for many years, knew the importance of harmony. The words of noble sages reminded her, “Bring together opposites in harmony. This creates synergy.” Suddenly she realized that by utilizing harmony to bring together ideas of health and wellness from all different fields—physics, medicine, biology; biomedicine and alternative medicine; chemistry and neuroscience; art, poetry and music; psychology and philosophy; and mysticism and spirituality—she could create her own integral approach to healing.

“You must find the thread that connects them all,” spoke the crone’s voice from the door. The apprentice spun around to see the ancient master glide effortlessly across the room as if on a cushion of air. She opened her mouth to utter a sheepish apology for trespassing in her laboratory without permission, but the master dismissed her comment with a wave of a thin, bony hand.

“But how do I do that?” she implored.

“You haven’t finished the teachings of the vials. Go on. Take the last one,” the healer urged.

The apprentice looked through all the vials again before spotting the last one labeled Autonomy. “Autonomy?” A question formed on her face, but the master waved her attention back to the vial.

When the apprentice touched the vial, a raucous commentary burst forth from many of the books on the shelves. It was difficult to hear them all at one. From the clamor arose the words of Schwartz which emphatically proclaimed, “People must be given back the power to take charge of their own well-being—a power that is taken away from them by systems of health care that create dependence!”

“But how can I do anything about that?” the apprentice shrugged.

The wise crone leaned forward and spoke with a most compelling whisper, “You” she said slowly, pointing a thin finger at the apprentice, “are the key to this all.”

A look of disbelief crossed the apprentice’s face. “Sorry. I don’t think I understand.”

“You have the teachings of the vials,” the master said, “go forth to the world and offer your services. But remember this—healers are mirrors that empower the person being healed to look within for healing rather than looking outside themselves for cures.”

“Yes!” The apprentice cried out. “I’m the mirror—not the healer! I get it now! I hold the space and the consciousness for the healing. The person needing the healing is the healer. We’re ALL healers! And in order for true healing to reach deeper than the symptomatic level, the individual must know his or her real identity and purpose in life. As a mirror I can help them see this as well. Then the healing is a decision reached between the patient and the universe.”

The wise master nodded wordlessly in approval.

“So, are there special tools that I will need besides the teachings of the vials?” the apprentice asked.

“Take with you the tools of ritual, visualization, the arts, and meditation. These are the language through which you bring the teachings of the vials. Let nature provide you with the sacred space to work your magic as the mirror. But when in nature you must go beyond the beauty of it—let it permeate you deeply until you become the tree, the flower, the river, and all that is wild and wondrous. Then you shall walk in oneness and reverence.”

The wise healer grasped the hands of the apprentice and without words showed her how to draw the energy from the universe into her hands. “Now go, beautiful mirror. All those you touch can too know the teachings of the vials.”

The healer’s apprentice took nothing and everything with her that day. For the next 90 years until her own peaceful return to the Source, she was the compassionate witness to thousands of healings. Her message to all the world was clear: “Oh nobly born, remember who you really are.”


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