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What is health?

There are times I just want to applaud when I hear a kernel of truth being expressed. This story deserves a standing ovation. . .

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The Healer’s Apprentice

The healer’s apprentice tiptoed down the darkened hallway and stopped in front of the massive wooden door. She took a deep breath, turned the ancient brass knob gently, and was delighted to find that it was not locked. She shoved … Continue reading

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We’re in this Together. . .

On the way to work today, I listened to a lecture by Jack Kornfield that really tugged at my heartstrings. This touching story reminds me that we don’t just carry our own trauma and pain, but we also carry those … Continue reading

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Feeling disconnected? Empty? Try this 10-minute meditation

Click triangle to play.  Click triangle to play. Adapted from Macy, J. & Brown, M. (1998). Coming Back to Life, Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World. BC, Canada: New Society Publishers.

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The Entire Universe for $49

Yesterday I spent two hours waiting at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Stockton, CA, so that I could pick up my new custom license plates. I was really excited about these plates (I suspect that I have immersed some … Continue reading

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